Dr. Micah & Kerry Mitchell are a refreshing team that travel the world extensively demonstrating a REAL JESUS in a REAL WORLD.

Dr. Micah & Kerry, both strive to live a vibrant Holy Spirit led life that echoes a radical “YES!” to anything Jesus asks of them. Together in ministry they release a powerful prophetic word that propels the believer into their God given destiny. Their mandate is to create a passion for revival through the decision of “loving God more”. When you love God more than anything you can’t help but be the walking miracle you are designed to be.

Dr. Micah, made a commitment to Jesus at age of three, and was baptized in the Holy Spirit at four years old. At the young age of seven he began to prophesy. He has been miraculously healed of sinus cancer. Dr. Micah is now a walking miracle, and the doctors can’t explain why he is here. There is an evident grace upon his life with powerful testimonies of healings, miracles, signs and wonders. If you would like to know more about Dr. Micah please, click here…

Pastor Kerry, has always had a fiery passion and special relationship with the Holy Spirit. Her heart is to show the love and forgiveness of Christ to everyone around her. She believes that it is never too late to grab hold of your identity in Christ, and live the destiny God has for you. If you would like to read more about Pastor Kerry please, click here…

If you would like to find out more about Dr. Micah & Pastor Kerry‘s ministry vision please, click here…

Micah & Johan

Hello Friends and Family, I want to share a testimony about a man named Johan, which happened at one of our crusades in South Africa. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol for many years. He was praying that Jesus would send someone to Coffee Bay. Johan wanted to know that what he believed was REAL. Not only did God answer his prayers, but he received the healing he needed. At the end of Sunday’s service he told Kerry and I, “I believe God sent you to Coffee Bay just for me. For the first time I didn’t crave drugs and alcohol after Jesus touched me.” Thank you so much for praying with us and supporting us. When you sow seed into our lives we team up together to show a REAL JESUS to the WORLD.

Kerry Testimony

Dr. Micah & Kerry Mitchell believe that God isn’t meant to be hidden or kept in the four-walls of a church building. If we, as the Body of Christ, are going to see God change the world around us, it is going to require action. Dr. Micah and Kerry Mitchell were in a shopping mall and saw this woman struggling to get around. Moved with compassion, Kerry went to pray for her and she was healed immediately. Come to find out she was a pastor’s wife and had given up hope on that very day.

If you will allow God to position you, you can be a walking demonstration of the Heart of God on the earth.