Micah Mitchell

suitnobgDr. Micah Mitchell is an internationally recognized charismatic leader, worshiper, author, conference speaker and entrepreneur. He holds an honorary Doctorate in Divinity. He made a commitment to Jesus at three years-old, and was baptized in the Holy Spirit at four years-old. At the young age of seven he began to prophesy. When he was ten years-old he preached his first crusade where hundreds of young people came to Jesus. Dr. Micah attended Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, TX, and had an influential season. In early 2013 everything made a swift change as He began having physical symptoms that little did he know, was the beginning of a fierce path. The physician’s reports poured in with devastating news, he had cancer, and proposed a bleak future, including that he would be disabled for the rest of his life. Hearing what no one wants to hear in a medical report, Dr. Micah knew he had an important, fast decision to make. He stood and began declaring out loud, “I will live, I will not die and I am determined to proclaim the works of the Lord!” Dr. Micah is now a walking miracle, and the doctors can’t explain why he is here. Now, God has blessed Dr. Micah with a powerful ministry of healing, miracles, signs and wonders

“You can’t overmedicate on the Word of God.” –Micah Mitchell