Micah & Kerry Mitchell Ministries


Mission: Micah & Kerry Mitchell exist to help the believer become intimate with God, grow in the knowledge of His Word and experience the demonstration and power of The Holy Spirit. We believe that everyday should be a face-to-face encounter with Jesus. Our hearts cry is, “We just want GOD!”



1.       Our core mandate:

a.       Holy Spirit filled, rooted and grounded in the Word of God, and focused on creating a people solely devoted to the Fathers heart.

b.       Equip people to walk in their identity, purpose and calling.

c.       Raise up an Apostolic and Prophetic people in the nations.

d.       Raise leaders who have a passion to invest in people and develop leaders.

e.       The Word of God is to be taught and demonstrated with power.

f.        To be GIVERS that will sow into the lives of people and ministries.

g.       To live a life that is miraculous, but to train the believer to surrender everything for Kingdom.

h.       We have a passion to restore the individual back to their Father in heaven. Each and every person we encounter is created to have a relationship with Father God.

i.         To only see the image of God in a person and to pull heaven out of them.

j.         Invest in the Kingdom within a person and help them fulfil their calling and purpose.

k.       Culture of Miracles, Signs and Wonders.

l.         Culture of a lifestyle of Faith.

m.     Have an intimate relationship with God.

n.       Culture of Prayer & Worship.

o.       Camps and Conferences.

p.       Release the message of the Gospel on every media/non-media outlet.

2.       Missions World Wide

a.       Feeding Program.

                                                               i.      Global Storehouses Giving Pantry (Food, clothing, etc.) (Geneses 39-40)

b.       Entrepreneurial Program (Job skills, start business, etc.)

d.       Ministry for Widows and Single Parents.

e.       Children’s Outreach program (Teddy Bear Project, etc.)

f.        Local, International, and rural outreaches.

g.       Bible College:

                                                               i.      To raise ministers who effectively deliver the Word of God.

h.       Delivering Humanitarian Relief:

                                                               i.      Delivering Medical Supplies.

                                                             ii.      Teaching basic Health and Hygiene.

                                                           iii.       Teaching First Aid.

3.       Raise up the next generation (Children’s Church/Youth Group)

a.       Holy Ghost Spirit Filled.

b.       Signs, Wonders and Miracles.

c.       Rooted in the Word.

d.       Camps and Conferences.

4.       Ministerial Fellowship

a.       For men and women with a common vision, a common focus, and a common passion that declares, "I just want GOD!  Nothing Less and Nothing Else!"

b.       Apostolic Covering of Churches and Ministries

                                                               i.      Commissioning -- Credentials, Licensing, and Ordination

c.       Fellowship and support to fellow ministers and churches.

5.       Covenant Partnership

a.       We believe when people partner with this ministry and give into the spreading of the Gospel, it activates a spiritual principle of sowing, reaping, and blessing in their life. What you make room for, will make room for you. When you make room for the anointing; the anointing makes room for you

b.       Micah and Kerry Mitchell’s commitment to our partners:

                                                               i.      Transparency

                                                             ii.      Praying and Interceding

                                                           iii.      We believe when people sow seed they will receive 100-1000-fold return according to Geneses 26:12 & Deuteronomy 1:11

                                                           iv.      Special Seating at all Micah & Kerry Mitchell sponsored events.

                                                             v.      Discount on merchandise purchase through Micah and Kerry Mitchell

                                                           vi.      Special impartation through different media outlets.